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Groovy Programming

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Course Description

Become an expert Groovy Programmer with our extensive Groovy Training Course. Starting from the basics of the language, this highly practical video training course builds up to advanced training sessions, including topics such as Domain Specific Languages, Metaprogramming, and using Stubs and Mocks for testing. It contains everything you need to become an expert Groovy Programmer. The course contains 11 hours of video material, but many of the chapters contain worked exercises for you to undertake, so you should expect to take around a week to complete the Groovy training course. The course is created in two parts – chapters 1 to 15 cover the fundamentals of Groovy, and chapters 20 to 32 cover advanced programming. In the middle we introduce a case study with a major practical exercise. As well as the video files, the course contains all the software you need (except groovy and your development environment, but we talk you through installing these), lots of sample code, and some guidance notes for the practical exercises in PDF format. The course is written using Groovy version 2.2.2, although it can still be used with versions of Groovy prior to 2.0 – we make it clear when there is functionality that requires 2.0 or greater of Groovy.

The course assumes no previous knowledge or experience of Groovy. As Groovy is closely related to Java, some knowledge of Java is assumed and frequent comparisons are made, especially in the early chapters.

We cover everything right from the start – including how to install Groovy and configure a development environment. Students completely new to programming should consider taking the Java Fundamentals course before starting this course.

This course does not cover Grails, although the course is written to enable Grails developers to get the most benefit from using this environment, by learning how to use the powerful features of the Groovy language.




Course Curriculum

Groovy Programming_Software
Groovy Programming_Software 00:00:00
Chapter 1.Introduction
1. Introduction Hibernate and JPA 00:23:56
Chapter 2.Getting Started
2 Getting started 00:11:33
Chapter 3.Groovy and Eclipse
3 Groovy and Eclipse 00:10:44
Chapter 4.Objects and Constructors
4 Objects and Constructors 00:30:21
Objects and Constructors_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 5.Dynamic Typing
5 Dynamic Typing 00:18:53
Dynamic Typing_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 6.Methods
6 Methods 00:21:31
Methods_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 7.Exceptions
7 Exceptions 00:13:08
Exceptions_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 8.Strings
8 Strings 00:24:11
Strings_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 9.Ranges and Looping
9 Ranges and Looping 00:16:06
Ranges and Looping_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 10.Operators
10 Operators 00:29:45
Operators_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 11.Closures
11 Closures 00:41:31
Closures_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 12.Lists
12 Lists 00:31:57
Lists_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 13.Maps
13 Maps 00:18:18
Maps_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 14.Regular Expressions
14 Regular Expressions 00:20:28
Regular Expressions_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 15.Unit Testing
15 Unit Testing 00:41:02
Unit Testing_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 16.Practical Session Part 1
16 Practical Session Part 1 00:12:07
Practical Session Part 1_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 17.Practical Session Part 2
17 Practical Session Part 2 00:09:06
Practical Session Part 2_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 18.Practical Session Part 3
18 Practical Session Part 3 00:07:33
Practical Session Part 3_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 19.Practical Session Part 4
19 Practical Session Part 4 00:08:40
Practical Session Part 4_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 20.Working with Objects
20 Working with Objects 00:22:38
Working with Objects_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 21.Files and Templates
21 Files and Templates 00:21:43
Files and Templates_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 22.Object Extensions
22 Object Extensions 00:16:04
Object Extensions_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 23.XML and Builders
23 XML and Builders 00:25:42
XML and Builders_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 24.Databases
24 Databases 00:33:42
Databases_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 25.Metaprogramming Part 1: Intercepting Methods
25 Metaprogramming Part 1: Intercepting Methods 00:25:29
Metaprogramming Part 1: Intercepting Methods_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 26.Metaprogramming Part 2: Injecting Methods
26 Metaprogramming Part 2: Injecting Methods 00:25:57
Metaprogramming Part 2: Injecting Methods_Working files 00:25:57
Chapter 27.Metaprogramming Part 3: Synthesizing Methods
27 Metaprogramming Part 3: Synthesizing Methods 00:16:21
Metaprogramming Part 3: Synthesizing Methods_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 28.Closure Variable Scope
28 Closure Variable Scope 00:13:55
Chapter 29.Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)
29 Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) 00:19:53
Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 30.Advanced Testing
30 Advanced Testing 00:30:14
Advanced Testing_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 31.Packaging Applications
31 Packaging Applications 00:26:01
Chapter 32.Course Summary
32 Course Summary 00:06:22

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