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Course Description

The Java Build Tools training course covers three of the leading tools used on professional Java projects. Part 1 covers Ant. Ant is old but very widely used. This Ant Training shows how to build a sample project. Part 2 covers Maven, a much more powerful tool than Ant. The Maven Training in the course shows how to use Maven Plugins and Life cycles to full effect. Part 3 covers Gradle. This is a much newer tool, less commonly used but an improvement over Maven. The Gradle Training builds the same project as parts 1 and 2, in much less time! Each part covers a different tool and the parts can be done independently. Note however that for part 3, we assume at least basic knowledge of Ant and Maven so you may need to follow parts 1 and 2 first.

You’ll need to understand the basics of Java, although there is no Java Programming on this course. You MUST have a working internet connection for the Maven part of the course. We build a full SpringMVC project, although you don’t need to know any Spring – the topics covered would apply to any Java project.

Course Curriculum

Practicals_and_Code 00:00:00
Chapter 1.Introduction
1. Introduction Hibernate and JPA 00:23:56
Chapter 2.Part One - Introducing Ant
2 Part One – Introducing Ant 00:22:06
Chapter 3.Compiling Java in Ant
3 Compiling Java in Ant 00:42:47
Chapter 4.Running Unit Tests in Ant
4 Running Unit Tests in Ant 00:47:28
Chapter 5.Javadocs and Running Java from Ant
5 Javadocs and Running Java from Ant 00:35:17
Chapter 6.Ant Targets
6 Ant Targets 00:42:08
Chapter 7.Deploying a WAR from Ant
7 Deploying a WAR from Ant 00:51:12
Chapter 8.Part Two - Introducing Maven
8 Part Two – Introducing Maven 00:40:50
Chapter 9.Maven - Setting Dependencies
9 Maven – Setting Dependencies 00:48:43
Chapter 10.Maven Plugins and Lifecycles
10 Maven Plugins and Lifecycles 00:41:14
Chapter 11.Tailoring the Maven Lifecycle
11 Tailoring the Maven Lifecycle 00:34:46
Chapter 12.Deploying a WAR from Maven
12 Deploying a WAR from Maven 00:25:22
Chapter 13.Maven and Eclipse
13 Maven and Eclipse 00:05:11
Chapter 14.Part Three: Introducing Gradle
14 Part Three: Introducing Gradle 00:38:39
Chapter 15.A Full Gradle Build
15 A Full Gradle Build 00:41:31
Chapter 16.Course Summary
16 Course Summary 00:21:03

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