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How to install tortoisegit and access the Openshift git server code for check-in/check-out?


IX.Download the Tortoisegit or SourceTree to access the webapp folder of Openshift tomcat server. Refer the “” for sourcetree git client, Now in this blog we check-in/push the file using tortoisegit. Follow below steps.

Go to Link and download “Download TortoiseGit – 64-bit (~19 MB)” based on operating system 32/64 bit.

X.Go to Cloud_Trail Folder and create new folder “Tomcat_OpenShift” and right click on folder choose the GIt Clone.

Note: In case git.exe is not installed in your machine; in case if you get an error as “Git for Windows not found”.


You need to install git scm i.e and choose 64-bit Git for Windows Setup and click on next and next and don’t change the default setting while installing.

XI.Provide the URL generated in openshift, In my case it is “ssh://”

Note: Provide the private key by browsing “Load Putty Key” or else we are not able to access git.



XII.Click on Ok, and you will get one more error as we not provided the private key while checkout the code. This private key is saved while we generating the public key.



XIII.We need to provide the URL as “ssh://” and provide the Private Key as displayed below screen.


XIV.After successful clone an application you see the folder structure where “webapp” is tomcat folder and src is for your maven project.


XV.Now we copy the webportfolio.war war created during maven project creation at GIT Trail and right click and choose TortoiseGit and add


XVI. And click on commit and provide the comments as initial draft or whatever you would like to give in comment section.

Note: In case you get an error message for Name and Email; provide the name and email as given in below screen.


Click on Yes and provide name and email of your openshift.


After this it will allow you to commit the war and provide the comment.


XVII.After local commit push the code to server to master branch of git.


XVIII.After successful war check-in you can access the war using URL :

January 8, 2016

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