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How to install Jenkin local system?

Environment Used

  • Java SE 7 (1.7_079)
  • Maven Eclipse Plugin– Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
  • JBoss Application Server (AS) 7.1.1.Final(Latest stable released version is 7.1.1.Final) or Tomcat 7.0.65(Demo was using tomcat 7.0.65 with 8081 free port in my machine, change as per your free port)
  • Operating System : Windows XP/7/8, 32/64 bit (Demo was using windows 7, 64 bit)

Installation of Jekin Description

Download the Jenkin War

Step 1) Go to and download war for tomcat server.

Download the Tomcat Zip

Step2) Go to or Go link and click on “64-bit Windows zip (pgp, md5, sha1) “


Step 3) Extract the “apache-tomcat-7.0.65-windows-x64” zip extracttomcat

Step 4) Change the HTTP port by traversing the path “apache-tomcat-7.0.65-windows-x64\apache-tomcat-7.0.65\conf” and modifying the “server.xml” file


Step 5) Run the tomcat by running the “catalina.bat start” from “apache-tomcat-7.0.65-windows-x64\apache-tomcat-7.0.65\bin”

  • In case of port binding error occurs during server run, please change the port from “8085” “8088”



Step 6) after modifying the port re-run the above command in new command prompt and access the URL: http://localhost:8088/


Step 7) add the Admin and Jenkin User to Tomcat for Security reason by modifying the “apache-tomcat-7.0.65/conf/tomcat-users.xml”

<role rolename=”manager-gui”/>

<user username=”admin” password=”nimda” roles=”manager-gui”/>

<user username=”jenkin” password=”jenkin” roles=”manager-gui”/>


Step 8) first stops the tomcat server by running the command “catalina.bat stop” and start again “catalina.bat start”



Step 9) Go to link http://localhost:8088/ and click on manager app and system will ask for user and password, provide the user/password as “admin/nimda”

Tomcat Server Home


Tomcat Server Admin


Step 10) Copy the downloaded Jenkin war “” to tomcat webapp folder “apache-tomcat-7.0.65-windows-x64\apache-tomcat-7.0.65\webapps”

Step 11) after deploy the war in tomcat access the Jenkin application by url: http://localhost:8088/jenkins/ and Jenkin Home page will open.



January 6, 2016

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