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What is JSTL?

  •  JSTL is used to avoid java coding in JSP.
  • The JavaScript pages standard Library(JSTL) encapsulates core functionality common to many JSP applications .
  • JSTL has core tags for iterators,conditionals for handling flow control,etc,formatting tags for supporting internationlaization,tags for accessing database using SQL,tags for manipulating XML documents, and tags for commonly used functions.
  • The JSTL tags are classified according to their functionality. The UEI,s for the libraries as follows


1.JSTL core tags

<%@tagliburi=”” prefix=”c”%>

2.JSTL formatting tags

<%@tagliburi=”” prefix=”fmt”%>

3.JSTL SQL tags

<%@tagliburi=”” prefix=”sql”%>


<%@tagliburi=”” prefix=”x”%>

5.JSTL function tags

<%@tagliburi=”” prefix=”fn”%>

  • To use the JSTL core tags in JSP we need to do the folowing two steps.

step1:Use the <taglib>directive in the JSP

<%@tagliburi=”” prefix=”something”%>

step2:Add jstl.jar and standard.jar to lib folder of your web application.The location of these two jars is present in apache-tomcat\webapps\examples\WEB-INF\lib folder

Groupings of Actions

In all, there are fourteen actions contained in the JSTL core library. This table briefly summarizes the actions in each group.

Groups Action Purpose
General Purpose <c:out>




Manipulating attributes, controlling

output to the JSPWriter, catching


Conditional <c:if>




Control flow (branching)
Iteration <c:forEach>


Control flow (looping)
URL-Related <c:import>




Use of other resources



January 14, 2016

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