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What is Jenkin and Purpose/Features?

Jenkins, formerly known as Hudson, is a quick to use continuous integration system, which can be used to automate the build of your project at a scheduled time or when a trigger is raised.

   Purpose /Features

  • Perform a software build with Apache Maven, ANT etc.
  • Run a shell script
  • Archive the build result
  • Generate report from code quality report generated by PMD, FindBug and Cobertura tools.
  • Run Integration tests
  • Send the build status report in email
  • Create Build Job for DEV,QA,Stage,Pre-Prod,Prod Environments
  • Checkout the code from Version Control Repository(CSV/SVN/GIT) and Run the ANT/Maven Script Generate the war and Deploy the war in WEB/Application Server using maven plugin or shell script and Restart the server using shell script and send the status of build to configured emails   example: Build was successfully or Build has Compilation error  etc.
January 5, 2016

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