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Placement Process

Campus Placements are conducted by colleges to ensure jobs for their students . Pradeep Academy will help to get 20+ IT companies per college after Mou sign-off. Be part of Pradeep Academy, place in best companies to students.

Pradeep Academy helps each student/graduate who is having engineering background by exploring placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus recruitment of students who are in the final year of the program and are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year.

The placements process at the Pradeep Academy, are a result of very systematic interaction with the various industries and continuous career counseling for students/Graduates of engineering stream.The placement program are begin with students/graduates are continuously counseled with regard to his/her career aspirations and options, which in turn is vigorously followed up with the potential companies for participating in the placement program. This not only helps the students in getting their jobs but also assists the visiting placement companies in identifying the trained candidate for their organization. However, the placement will be governed by  Pradeep Academy Placement guidelines.

PradeepIT Team in Placement Process

PradeepIT Team will engage the transparent setup of interview process for the candidates.

  • 1. Our Recruitment Team will build customized online test for different clients.
  • 2. Shortlisted candidate will forwarded to GD Round.
  • 3. Shortlisted Candidates from GD round will be processed to Technical round where interview has been recorded.
  • 4. Top scorer in online test, GD Round & Technical Round will be listed in Top with HR.
  • 5. Company will have their Manager round and HR round for offer release.

Note : Students Adcademic Percentage, Package , Process will vary from one client to another as per there standard process.

Process for On-Boarding from College

  • 1. Pradeep Acdemy provides the One day Seminar about IT-Industry Traning required during Academic
  • 2. Based on Student feedback on IT training and placement opporunity, we share student an online form to provide us feedback on our one day seminar
  • 3. Student details are collected via online registration form.
  • 4. Details are taken from those who are interested for IT Training & Internship Project or Internship Project and List will share with Placement Officier to take decision on MoU with us.
  • 5. College Management will take the decision on interested students.
  • 6. MOU will be made between College and PradeepIT


Advantages for Colleges

PradeepIT will make following process for every MOU signed college

  • 1. Students who are placed via our channel will update in  Social Media, College Dekho, Pradeep Academy Portal , collegeduniya and much more social media for improve on admission of the college and also helps in decision making for student to chose right colleges.
  • 2. We take 100+ Candid photos from  Nokia ad Agency teamfor the purpose of his testimonial and putting into our IT standard resume and also helps for HR to better interaction with candidate.
  • 3. We take College Video shooting, testimonial who placed from our channel, selected candidate candid photo..
  • 4. We create public page in FB, Twitter, Pintrest and will post all these feeds in social media and also take google review.

Process Involved in Company Off-Campus Process

1. Identify hiring need

Positions are filled for newly formed or recently vacated. The hiring staff will meet to generate a prioritized list of job requirements including special qualifications, characteristics, and experience to PradeepIT which is required from a candidate.

2. Plan

The Agreement will be signed to the hiring process, steps, and communication channels to be used. The plan should include a timeline, recruitment plan, criteria for initial candidate screening, selection committee, interview questions, and instructions for taking notes.

3. Job Description

The agreed-upon job requirements form the basis for the job description. The hiring company will provide the job description for hiring positions.

4. Recruiting

PradeepIT will provide canvas to make offline channel of recruitment drive for the hiring staff should seek out qualified candidates. This will ensure that quality from potential candidates who are actively searching for new jobs but who may be perfect for the role are received.

5. Candidate Screening

As job applications notified via by email or phone call, the hiring staff will reviews résumés/CVs and cover letters based on the criteria established in the planning step. Unqualified candidates’ applications are withdrawn from the applicant pool. Qualified candidates are informed of next steps beginning with a screening interview.

6. Screening Interview

Initial interviews with applicants are taken from PradeepIT Senior Solution Architects and screening record will be made for transparent interview process. These interviews determine if applicants have the qualifications needed to do the job and serve to further narrow the pool of candidates.

7. Technical/Manager Round Interviews

Depending on the size of the selection committee, several interviews are scheduled for each candidate. Technical / Manager Round interviews might be conducted by the company’s senior leadership or an interviewer from a previous round of interviews. These latter-stage interviews are generally extended to a very small pool of top candidates.

8. Background check

One of the final steps prior to making a job offer is conducting background checks to review candidates criminal record, to verify employment history and eligibility, and to run credit checks.

9. Decision

The hiring staff confers and evaluates applicants based on the interviews, job experience, skills and talent assessments, and all other relevant information.

10. Job offer

Offer Letter are dispatched from PradeepIT Payroll to candidates which includes providing an offer letter stating the position’s salary, start date, and other terms and conditions of employment that are based on the agreement between the company and the candidate.

14. Hiring

PradeepIT will provide Laptops, offer letter, joining details, once the candidate accepts the job offer. Phase of filling out and filing paperwork related to employment including eligibility to work forms, tax withholding forms, and company specific forms will generated with PradeepIT Payroll system by relevant HR department.

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