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Building Web Services with Java

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Video Description

In this Building Web Services with Java training course, expert author Martin will teach you how to write REST-style and SOAP-based web services. This course is designed for users that are already familiar with Java, however no experience with web services is required.


You will start by learning about the main uses of web services, then jump into learning how to code and publish a web service. From there, Martin will teach you about the Java REST framework, as well as give an overview of JAX-RS and Restlet. This video tutorial also covers REST-style from the client side, as well as XML-Java conversion in REST-style clients. You will also learn about SOAP-based web services, SOAP-based web services on the client side, and web services security. Finally, you will learn about users and roles.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of writing your own REST-style and SOAP-based services. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.



Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.What are Web Services 00:05:46
2.About the Author 00:01:40
3.Your First Coding Example 00:15:34
Chapter 1_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 2: What Are The Main Uses Of Web services?
5.Uses Of Web services 00:06:39
Uses Of Web services_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 3: A First Web Service
6.Coding The Web Service – Part 1 00:07:46
7.Coding The Web Service – Part 2 00:06:00
8.Publishing The Web Service – Part 1 00:07:45
9.Publishing The Web Service – Part 2 00:08:20
10.Publishing The Web Service Exercise 00:05:55
Chapter 3_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 4: Web Service Flavors
11.REST And SOAP 00:05:19
12.REST As An API 00:06:44
13.REST Tradeoffs 00:05:06
14.SOAP Overview 00:04:19
Chapter 4_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 5: Java REST Frameworks
15.REST Frameworks Overview 00:03:37
16.HTTPServlet Framework 00:04:43
17.REST-Style Predictions With Full CRUD 00:05:48
18.The Predictions POJO Code 00:05:50
19.The Predictions HttpServlet Code – Part 1 00:06:56
20.The Predictions HttpServlet Code – Part 2 00:06:29
21.The Predictions HttpServlet Code – Part 3 00:04:20
22.Exercise – Adding Text Support To Predictions 00:03:55
Chapter 5_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 6: JAX-RS And Restlet REST-Style Frameworks
23.Overview Of JAX-RS And Restlet 00:07:01
24.RESTful Routing 00:05:36
25.The Predictions Service In JAX-RS – Part 1 00:05:42
26.The Predictions Service In JAX-RS – Part 2 00:07:36
27.The Predictions Service In Restlet 00:05:43
28.Publishing The Service 00:03:22
29.Exercise – Code And Publish A RESTful Service From Scratch 00:05:32
Chapter 6_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 7: Production-Grade Publishing For RESTful Services
30.RESTful Service Architecture 00:04:34
31.Options For JSON Generation 00:04:29
Chapter 7_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 8: REST-style From The Client Side
32.Client-Side Challenge 00:04:17
33.Sample Full Client In Perl 00:05:05
34.Java Client Against Amazon Ecommerce – Part 1 00:03:28
35.Java Client Against Amazon Ecommerce – Part 2 00:05:43
36.Java Client Against Amazon Ecommerce – Part 3 00:04:22
37.Java Client-2 Against Amazon E-commerce – Part 1 00:04:04
38.Java Client2 Against Amazon E-commerce – Part 2 00:03:45
39.Java Client-2 Against Amazon E-commerce – Part 3 00:05:37
Chapter 8_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 9: XML-Java Conversion In REST-style Clients
40.CTA Bus Tracker – Part 1 00:03:54
41.CTA Bus Tracker – Part 2 00:05:29
Chapter 9_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 10: JavaScript Clients For REST-Style Services
42.JavaScript JSON And Orchestration 00:04:24
43.CDS Service Code – Part 1 00:03:46
44.CDS Service Code – Part 2 00:04:20
45.Poll Service Code – Part 1 00:04:08
46.Poll Service Code – Part 2 00:05:14
47.Wrap Up Of REST-Style Clients 00:05:39
Chapter 10_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 11: SOAP-based Web Services
48.SOAP Introduction 00:05:05
49.Rand Service – Part 1 00:04:32
50.Rand Service – Part 2 00:05:56
51.Deploying Rand Service To Tomcat 00:06:32
52.Review Of SOAP 00:06:20
Chapter 11_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 12: SOAP-Based Services On The Client Side
53.SOAP Client Demo 00:04:29
54.Use And Structure Of The WSDL 00:05:39
55.The WSDL And XML Schema 00:07:11
56.A Client Against The SOAP-Based Ecommerce Service 00:05:03
57.Application And Handler Levels In The Ecommerce Client 00:07:59
58.Client Wrap-Up 00:04:19
Chapter 12_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 13: Web Services Security
59.Web Services Security Overview 00:08:04
60.Wire-Level Security – Part 1 00:06:43
61.Wire-Level Security – Part 2 00:05:53
62.The Wire-Level Handshake 00:06:11
63.Configuring Tomcat For HTTPS 00:06:24
64.HTTPS Client-Service Demo 00:07:38
Chapter 13_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 14: Users And Roles
65.Users And Roles Overview 00:05:50
66.Service-Side Configuration For Users And Roles Security 00:04:45
67.Client-Side For Users And Roles Security 00:05:27
68.Client-Side For A SOAP-Based Service 00:07:44
Chapter 14_Working files 00:00:00
Chapter 15: Conclusion
69.Wrap-Up 00:02:49
Chapter 15_Working files 00:00:00

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